Mr boss the landing part 2

Abby is upset and trying to find her children. She answers the phone and it’s Olivia, but the line goes dead. After that, she doesn’t want to leave the house in case Olivia calls again. But this doesn’t stop her from dating; she just has them sleep over. Val and Gary see a newscast about Lilimae helping to sop a thief. The news says Lilimae is homeless, so Val invites her to their house. The next day, Lilimae is arrested for shoplifting, but the jude says he’ll only give her six months probation if Val and Gary assume responsibility for her. Val invites her to stay with them.
b: 03-Dec-1981 pc: 189402 w: Ann Marcus d: Joseph B. Wallenstein

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar ...

She passed Fifth Street and checked her watch, right on schedule and thankfully the crossing light was on her side this morning so she eased across the intersection without having to stop. Music from her IPod spurred her on as she rounded the corner on Jackson Avenue, in the home stretch now. The warm early May morning sun at her back, she could see the entrance to the building at the end of the city block and urged herself to push a little harder. Picking up speed, her music was drowned out by heavy breathing and the blood pounding from her heart into her head. With a hundred feet to go, Kimberly gave a final push and sprinted down the pavement running through her imaginary finish line at the downtown office building where she worked.

Coming to a stop, Kimberly rested her hands on her knees and tried to regain her breath; at some point she remembered to check her watch and was pleased with the result, five miles in thirty five minutes and seventeen seconds was just short of her seven minute mile goal.

Starting to recover, Kimberly clasped her hands on her head and headed into the building wandering over to the security desk.

"How'd you do Miss Vincent?"

"Thirty five seventeen Carl," She replied to the well built security man handling the desk.

"Almost there," He grinned as he handed her security badge to her.

"Thanks for hanging on to this for me, it's such a nice morning, running outside was great."

"Sure thing, have a great day."

"You too Carl!" Kimberly beamed feeling the full effect of her runner's high.

Kimberly took the stairs down to the company work out facility in the basement of the 32 story office building and passed through the weights and machines, heading into the women's locker room. She found her locker and slid the key out from plastic badge holder.

Kimberly kicked off her Nike running shoes then slipped out of her t-shirt and peeled off the spandex running pants which hugged the curves of her 27 year old body. Next she slid out of her sports bra and thong panties and headed for the shower.

The warm water cascaded over Kimberly's naked body, washing the sweat from her skin and long blond hair, she lathered her body with soap, caressing her breasts and belly, a naughty feeling crept into her consciousness and a soapy hand drifted down between her legs, lingering for a moment longer than needed for a simple shower in the folds of her clean shaven pussy, shaking off the urge to satisfy her growing need no doubt brought on by endorphins and a too long drought in the boy friend department, she finished with her shower and headed back to the locker, a nearby convenience outlet and a mirror on the locker door allowed her to blow dry and style her hair, and put on a little mascara to bring out her pretty grey eyes and a light pink lipstick for her thin lips. Next Kimberly took out her outfit for the day, having woken up in a bit of a mood already, she packed her bag that morning with thigh high stockings, white bikini cut satin panties with matching bra, a thin grey pencil skirt white blouse and three inch heels completed the sexy secretary look she very intentionally was flaunting today. She left one button lower than was probably appropriate undone and grinned at herself in the full length wall mirror. The running was paying off and she was flaunting a little today. Feeling satisfied, she headed to the 18th floor and her desk.

A few minutes after she sat down, her boss James Taylor came into the office dressed in a grey suit, white button shirt smart blue paisley neck tie. "Good morning Kimberly." He said with a smile as he headed toward his office behind her desk.

"Good morning Mr. Taylor." She responded.

"Do you have that report finished yet?" James asked.

"Just about, I'll have it done by lunch today." Kimberly replied.

"Great thanks."

"You're welcome."

"By the way, you look very nice today."

"Oh thank you; so do you, I really like that suit on you." Kimberly grinned. Her comment was more than a routine pleasantry, James Taylor took good care of himself, and spent some money on clothes; he was put together and Kimberly while not having overt romantic feelings toward her boss, had described the six foot two blue eyed 40 year old as "hot" to more than one of her friends.

"How were your times this morning?" James asked as he fished for the keys to his office in his suit pocket.

"Five seventeen." Kimberly bragged excitedly as she rose to get her boss a cup of coffee.

"Almost there!" James exclaimed, sharing in his secretary's excitement over the topic.

"Next time I'm gonna get it." Kimberly said as she handed James a full coffee mug.

"Thanks," James said taking the cup as he finally got through his door. "I'm sure you will."

After about an hour, Kimberly sensed more than saw a visitor enter the office, she looked up from her report and saw a very beautiful woman come into the office. The visitor was a slender woman wearing a white and black zebra stripped dress, a large brimmed red hat, heels and a bag to match the hat. Her hair was chestnut brown and was in a tight bun under her sun hat. This was a formidable woman who could pull off the look. Kimberly wondered if she would ever be so bold.

"May I help you?" Kimberly asked when the woman stopped at her desk.

"My name is Erica Anderson; I'm here to see James." The woman said in a friendly tone.

"Is Mr. Taylor expecting you?"

"He should be, but he probably isn't." Erica replied.

Kimberly wasn't sure what that comment meant, but let it go; she hit the button for the intercom into her boss' office.

"What's up Kimberly?" Came a friendly the reply over the speaker.

"There is an Erica Anderson here to see you."

Mr. Taylor's pitch changed a little as he asked Kimberly to show her into the office.

"Right this way Ms. Anderson." Kimberly said as she got up to let Erica in.

"Thank you, Kimberly is it?"

"Yes Ma'am, and you are very welcome." Kimberly said as she closed the door and returned to her desk.

Kimberly typed away at the report she was working on, it had been some time since Erica Anderson had went into Mr. Taylor's office. For a moment she wondered what they were doing in there, she tried to put it out of her head as she continued working. After a time, Kimberly had become so focused on the work that when the intercom button buzzed it startled her noticeably, quickly composing herself she hit the button.

"Yes Mr. Taylor?"

"Kimberly, would you step into my office please." Her boss requested.

Kimberly thought he sounded a little strange, but answered "Right away Mr. Taylor." Once the call was disconnected Kimberly gathered up her notebook and a pen and headed in. Upon opening the door she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Be a dear and close the door Kimberly." Erica said.

Unable to take her eyes off the scene in front of her, Kimberly blindly reached for the door and pushed it shut behind her.

There, bent over the desk, Mr. Taylor had his hands cuffed behind his back, his pants pulled down, shirt mostly unbuttoned and disheveled, his normally well groomed hair was equally disturbed. Ms. Anderson stood behind him, the zebra stripped dress discarded in a visitors chair, now the tall slender woman wore nothing but a black bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and a strap on dildo, which was buried deep in her boss' rear. With one hand she held the end of the tie of Kimberly's employer like a leash; the other hand was on James Taylor's hip. "Oh my god," Kimberly whispered.

"How well do you know your boss Kimberly?" Erica asked, with a wicked smile on her face.

"Not as well as I thought." Kimberly replied matter-of-factly.

"Well I am going to tell you some things about him. First of all, did you know James has a thing for women's panties?"

Kimberly could see her boss turn a brighter shade of red than he already was. "No, I didn't know that."

"I caught him masturbating in my panties last week; we've had a special arrangement since then."

"I see," Kimberly said, although her mind was still racing to catch up to the situation.

"He does whatever I tell him to do, and I don't tell his wife about his nasty little habit, unfortunately for him, I didn't agree not to tell you about it."

"I'm not sure why you are telling me this." Kimberly stammered.

"I need your help Kimberly, I can't be here every day to check on my little panty slave so I would like you to help me."


"For your trouble you're going to get a ten percent raise, isn't that right slut?" The dark haired woman said as she rotated her hips pushing the fake cock deeper into Mr. Taylor's rear.

"Yes Mistress." He groaned as he was fucked.

"You'll also get to leave early on Friday's, say twelve o'clock; is that about right slut?"

"Yes Mistress." He said as the cock see sawed in and out of him again.

"And lastly, he'll do anything your little heart desires for you."

Kimberly was absolutely dumb founded by all of this, "Is this some porno version of Punk'd?" She asked.

"Oh no, it's real, your boss, who you no longer need to call Mr. Taylor is my sex slave, and he can be yours as well.

"I don't know what kind of twisted stuff you guys are into, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be any part of it." Kimberly said, starting to regain some composure and looking for a way out.

"Are you sure?" Erica asked.

"Yes, I'm sure." Kimberly replied.

"Do you recognize these?" Erica asked holding up a pair of white lace women's underwear.

Kimberly recognized them immediately, a week earlier she had gone running before work and when she went to change there were no panties in her gym bag, Kimberly assumed she had forgotten to pack them, but there they were dangling on the end of this perverted woman's finger.

"I found them in his desk drawer."

"Did you steal my panties you sick bastard?" Kimberly yelled at her completely compromised employer.

"Tell her slave."

"Um, well; I'm really sorry." James tried to explain.

"I could have you fired!"

"You could, but my way is so much more fun." Erica said with a confident grin.

"What do you want me to do?" Kimberly asked, suddenly warming up to the idea of getting some revenge on her pervert boss.

"So I've decided that my little panty slut is going to wear women's panties every day to work, all you have to do is make sure he is wearing his panties every day, and give him an occasional spanking or some other humiliating punishment of your choosing, some days I might call you with a special assignment. He's agreed to your raise and your half days on Friday, and he'll give you whatever pleasure you tell him to perform for you."


"Absolutely anything."

"I can't believe you stole my panties! Did you jerk off in them like you did hers?" Kimberly asked James angrily.

"Answer her slut." Erica commanded.

"Yes." James said, unable to make eye contact with his secretary.

"Unbelievable!" Kimberly said walking around the desk and taking her underwear from Erica. Struck with a sudden urge she reached under her boss and grabbed his dick with her panties and started to stroke him. "Do you like the way they feel on your nasty little dick?" Kimberly teased harshly.

Quickly becoming fully erect, James swallowed hard and answered "Yes."

"Yes what?" Erica said as she began to rhythmically pump her sex toy in and out of James' stretched ass.

"Yes Miss Kimberly." James answered correctly.

"That's a good boy." Erica cooed as she picked up her pace.

"Is this what you do every day asshole? Sit in here and stroke your dick with my panties!?" Kimberly asked through clenched teeth, angrily pumping James' engorged cock.

James was speechless as a result of his own arousal but pathetically tried to defend himself; "not always."

"Shut up pervert!" Kimberly commanded as she stroked his cock even harder.

James was panting hard, his orgasm building inside him both because of and in spite of the rough treatment his cock and ass were receiving from these two dominating women. It wasn't long before James sprayed his hot gooey mess into the panties surrounding his dick, warming and wetting the material in Kimberly's hand. His body shook and a series of guttural moans from deep inside his body escaped his mouth.

Kimberly took the messy panties and rubbed them under her boss' nose before forcing them into his mouth. Erica stopped fucking her slave's ass and gave her new found protégée a high five.

"Did you cum without my permission?" Erica asked.

James mumbled some sort of apology through the sodden panties in his mouth.

"He's not allowed to cum without permission Kimberly." Erica explained.

"Probably deserves one of those spankings you were talking about earlier then huh?"

"You catch on quick Hun."

Kimberly reached over the desk and picked up James' name plate. She slid the plastic strip out with his name on it and looked at her new friend who nodded approval as she extracted her phallus from James' ass. Once Erica was clear, Kimberly flipped James' shirt tails higher on his back, exposing all of his backside. Kimberly reared back with the plastic strip and landed a blow on James' right cheek, the sound of plastic slapping flesh was quickly followed by the sound of a man in pain moaning into his secretary's damp panties. The next blow landed on the left check and thus began a symphony of slaps and moans. By the third strike, James was squirming and arching is back and putting his bound hands in the way of the oncoming blows. For her part, Kimberly, who'd never spanked anyone, let alone a grown man applied the punishment expertly, landing each blow on alternating cheeks, no matter what James did to try an avoid them. Erica slid the condom off her toy stood back watching Kimberly with admiration.

By the time Kimberly was finished administering James' punishment he was sobbing into the panties and his ass was glowing red, with a couple of good welts rising up from his abused skin. Erica took the key to the cuffs from round her neck and unlocked James' wrists and allowed him to stand up. "Take off your clothes." She commanded.

James paused, he had thought his odyssey was coming to an end, but quickly realized things were just beginning as his hesitation earned him another slap on the ass from Kimberly. "Now bitch!" Kimberly said surprising even herself.

James tried to shake the ache out of his shoulders as he pulled off his shoes and pants which were around his ankles to begin with. Then he quickly loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Once they were off and he was completely naked, Erica pulled the panties from his mouth and handed them to James ordering him to put them on. He forced them over his athletic thighs and hiked them around his waist, his cock, now flaccid from having a massive orgasm and then being spanked severely fit tightly into the front of the panties and the lace back side hugged his tender skin, irritating the spots which were the most severely assaulted. Once James was dressed in his cum and saliva stained lacy panties he was ordered to his knees on the floor.

"Kimberly, I think it's time our little panty perv shows you the proper respect for not turning him in." Erica said.

"Oh yeah?" Kimberly grinned wondering what Erica had in mind.

"Yep, your turn to get over the desk sweetie."

Kimberly hesitated not sure where things were going.

"Don't worry Kimberly, he gets ass beatings, you get ass worship."

Kimberly smiled and turned, leaning over the desk and spreading her legs as far apart as her skirt would let her. Erica reached down to the hem of Kimberly's skirt and pulled it up over her hips exposing her white satin panties and shapely back side. "Mmmmm sexy." Erica said running he hands over Kimberly's ass and slipping one between her legs to caress her pussy through her panties. "And creamy." She added, noting that Kimberly was clearly aroused by what had gone on in the office thus far this morning.

Kimberly had never been touched by a woman this way, but she liked it a lot, and showed her appreciation by purring under Erica's soft caress.

After a few moments Kimberly was nice and moist, Erica grabbed James by the hair and led his face to Kimberly's derrière. The instruction didn't have to be spoken; James immediately started to lick his secretary's pussy through her moistening panties. With each stroke of his tongue Kimberly became more aroused, whatever else you wanted to say about James, he was an excellent cunnilingist. Erica reached over and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Kimberly's panties and pulled them down to her knees, leaving them stretched between her spread legs.

"Clean her panties slut." Erica commanded and James bowed his head and started to lick the crotch of the panties, tasting all the juices that he had worked to draw out of Kimberly's wonton pussy. For her part Kimberly couldn't help be a tad disappointed that her now extremely aroused cunt wasn't getting the attention, bus she appreciated James' humiliation, especially in light of his panty pilfering. Kimberly slipped a hand between her legs and caressed her creamy cunt while James followed his instructions and licked out her stretched panties with his tongue.

"Now kiss her ass." Erica demanded after a few minutes of panty licking. Just as obediently James pressed his lips to the soft curves of Kimberly's gorgeous ass starting below the cheeks on the thighs and working his way up. "Get used to this panty boy? I'm pretty sure Miss Kimberly is going to have you on your knees kissing her ass a lot."

"Yes Mistress." Was all James could think to say between kisses. Kimberly closed her eyes and breathed a sigh, thinking about how her work life was going to be very different from now on.

"Now use your tongue." Erica ordered.

James went from pressing his lips to Kimberly's bottom to licking it in long strokes up and down and side to side, but that's not what Erica meant, and she grabbed him by the hair and pushed his face between the cheeks of Kimberly's ass holding him there as he obediently licked her asshole, rimming Kimberly as best he could while being suffocated in her ass cheeks. Kimberly wiggled her behind a little and got James' tongue where she wanted it and elicited a giggle from Erica. After a few moments Kimberly reached between her thighs and started to caress her pussy, drawing more cream from her extremely horny cunt and slathering it with her fingers across her throbbing clit.

It only took a few minutes of ass licking and masturbation before Kimberly was quaking from an enormous orgasm, writhing and moaning on the desk as her fingers and James' tongue worked their magic over her most sensitive parts. Erica held James' head forcing him to ride out his new dominatrix's orgasm in the crevasse of her derrière.

"How was that Kimberly?" Erica asked rhetorically.

"I need a cock in my pussy." Kimberly panted.

Erica couldn't help but be impressed by the younger woman's sex drive and ordered their slave to service the secretary with his dick. James stood, excited that he was going to get to fuck his secretary, it had always been a private fantasy and here she was ordering him to do it. He freed his hardening cock from its lacy panty prison and pressed the head against Kimberly's opening and started to push in when Kimberly stopped him.

"I'd rather have yours," Kimberly said looking over her shoulder at Erica still wearing the strap on phallus. "It's bigger." She grinned.

Erica cooed as she pulled James away from Kimberly forcing him against the wall face first, then taking she re-cuffed his hands behind his back. "You don't get to watch slut, your nose stays against this wall or I'll let Kimberly beat you till the end of the work day with your name plate." She whispered in his ear as she roughly maneuvered him against the wall.

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Mr Boss The Landing Part 2Mr Boss The Landing Part 2Mr Boss The Landing Part 2Mr Boss The Landing Part 2